Following Your Dreams


Do you have a dream?

Have you always wanted to be a singer?

So, are you pursuing it?

Why not?

Do you believe that you’re not good enough to do it?

Sadly, I hear this all the time. So many people who have always wished they could sing but for one reason or another have let the dream die. Maybe you were told to be quiet one day when you were singing. Maybe you let others convince you to take a certain path other than your hearts desire. Maybe you convinced yourself it was just a silly dream.

So all these years later does it still niggle at you? Is it tugging on your coat?

If so then it’s there to be lived.  You are never given a dream if it cannot be realised. Life will follow your lead, especially if you’re following your heart. I saw many people last year start walking towards their dreams and all of them are starting to have them come true. Mine are coming true!

As the world changes around us and we appear to be living in turbulant times, let your heart and soul remind you of your passions, your loves and your dreams. No dream is unliveable.

And remember if you need help, ask!





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