Voice Expression Workshops



Every Friday Starting May 8th 2015

Our voice is a gateway to our soul. Through the voice, we can reconnect with ourselves and discover more of Who We Really Are. We can express our true selves and allow for everything that we are to come forth.
The voice is an amazing vehicle for change, transformation, musicality, creative expression, intuitive communication, personal reflection and enjoyment. Every week as we explore sound and the expression of our voice, we will allow our voices to reveal to us more of our true nature and show us MORE.
We will run the workshop weekly but you may come and go as you please, as each week will be created in present time, centred upon what is presenting in the moment for those participating.

The workshop will be facilitated by Laura Mitchell, a holistic singing teacher and intuitive / lover of life and seeker of liberation of all beings, especially through using voice expression.

Voice Expression Workshop

Atlantean Earth’s Yandina Healing Centre http://www.atlanteanearthagency.com/

Address: 19 Farrell St (Back of the Old Church) Yandina, QLD

When: Fridays 11am

Exchange: $20

Needed: “Just bring yourself”

Contact: Laura: 0409274235

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