Update 2021

Hi! As you can see, I haven’t been too busy on my site for the last little while. In fact I haven’t even touched my social media for a couple years! I felt to step back a little, & then 2020 happened. 😉 I am teaching & always learning from the sessions, deepening my understanding of the voice. It continues to be a beautiful & rich journey!

If you’re drawn to come play with me, or just want to have a chat, you are so welcome to connect, I’d love to support you. We don’t need to even do singing. My offering has evolved into supporting us both to understand ourselves more deeply, especially around communication, but really around anything. So, I’d love to help. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I honestly have increasing difficulty calling you my students or clients however, as I learn so much with you. We are all in this together!

I will be refreshing my website soon, in order to share more about what I’ve come to learn, as my work has naturally evolved into what you could call voice therapy or self-awareness support. I’m not super keen on the word therapy, as its such a natural process, but for now, that’ll do. Finding my voice has been a life long journey, in fact, I’m still unravelling it myself, so I’m here to learn from you as well! SO much of what I’ve learnt has come from working with people. By you showing up & vulnerably sharing your voice, I am gifted with new learnings all the time. Its always beautiful, 7 I feel so blessed to know you. It’s natural. It’s easy. It is simply a space to support us to return to our natural state. Because that’s where our voices are. That’s where WE are. Its how we heal. Its everything.

Its been hard for us to have a voice, let alone know what we want to say, and feel safe to say it. We can get lost in the demands of the outside world and often even forget who we really are. This is hugely impacting on the singing voice & our ability to communicate freely in general. So, this is where my work has lead me & I am always honoured to hold space to help us know ourselves a little better & learn to trust that voice.

Even to this day, I am still building a relationship with my voice. I’m not one to try & make my voice sound good… I want it to be REAL, so really allowing my voice to show me its true nature rather than strive for perfection has been my way. Its been profoundly humbling & enlightening. And in 25 years of teaching I have learnt so much! I have just started to document everything I have learned in the hope to freely offer my knowledge & understanding to everyone. Because, as I’ve always said, EVERYONE CAN SING. Thanks for listening, deep bow, Laura. x