Tips for Undoing ‘Bad Habits’


Sometimes we need to remind our bodies of it’s ability to sing naturally. Often we have set up ‘bad habits’ which inhibit our ability to have sound flowing freely from our instrument (our body). Here are some things I ask people to do to help realign the body’s already existing ability to sing freely…

This is especially useful if you are not quite able to believe that you can sing freely NOW and/or if your habits are fairly ingrained. Don’t fret if this includes you… nearly everyone feels stuck around this area!

1. Let your belly hang out ALL THE WAY. Practice this even when you’re not singing as it helps loosen the area and allows it to start doing it’s job. So much power comes from the belly, so when you hold onto it or suck it in, it restricts your sound. 🙂

2. Pronounce your words more clearly ie. use diction. Diction is like plugging into a power socket every time you pronounce a consonant more clearly. T’s and D’s are great. Notice how often you don’t finish a word properly. This is something the body uses all the time to add intensity to communication but we’ve forgotten to apply it to singing!

3. Allow your face to express itself whilst singing. Let your eyebrows move up and down if they want whilst you sing. Allow yourself to really open your mouth. Really go over the top with this one to start out just to break the habit of keeping your face “closed”. The more “open” you are, the more freely the sound comes out.

4. I find that looking straight ahead opens up the sound too. Looking down seems to tell the body that we don’t really want to naturally project outwards. Your body is at your command.

5. See if you can keep your hands loose. Having them held close together can block your body’s natural flow.

6. ENJOY it!


Hope this helps. Play with these tip separately or combined as you wish. Maybe avoid try too many of these tips at once or your head will get involved… avoid this!! Remember singing is for fun!