Tips for Letting Go…


  1.  Allow the possibility that you actually have  a great voice. (YOU DO!)
  2. Allow the possibility that all your attention on ‘getting it right’ or ‘sounding good’ is blocking you from just experiencing the fun of singing and therefore blocking your natural ability. Try singing without any expectations other than singing for the pure joy of it. Practice this and your voice will just get better!
  3. Allow the possibility that all the negative feedback you have received was based on perception, not the truth. (It may have been true at the time but is not the ultimate truth. The real truth is YOU ARE AWESOME, maybe you just haven’t realised it yet!)
  4. Allow the possibility that  EVERYONE is born with a ‘voice box’ that is FULLY capable of creating the sound that reflects you.
  5. Allow yourself to FEEL how you’d LIKE singing to FEEL. Imagine it daily until it becomes associated with singing instead of your usual feelings (which often include fear, panic, strong emotion – these aren’t ‘bad’,  they just need walking through). How would you like singing to feel? Joyful, happy, passionate, deep, fun? Try it.
  6. Allow yourself plenty of time and compassion to walk out of where you are STUCK around singing. What you want is GOING TO HAPPEN if you just chill out around the process.
  7. Allow that all the things you tell yourself (like ‘I cant sing’ etc) is NOT true but a way to protect yourself from the experience of singing and what you think other people are going to think of you.
  8. Allow the possibility that the reason you are so STUCK around it is because you LOVE it so much and it is such a BIG part of you that it means the world to you to do it and you might just be afraid that you really wont be able to do it.
  9. Allow the possibility that now is the time to let go and start allowing that you really can sing.
  10. Allow the possibilty that you ROCK!