the REAL voice

Singing is, in my opinion, one of the most pure & vulnerable ways to express yourself. Theres no instrument, no costume, no materials, no buffer. Its just you and your voice. Its so pure, its like a window to your soul. And if you really let your true voice out, people can feel you deeply. This is often why some of our favourite singers are not even necessarily that technically great, but they are connected to themselves & share in a real way. Its a sincere reflection of them in that moment, & that’s what we all really want- sincere & honest connection. 

Its scary to open that up, sometimes our bodies don’t want us to let go, especially our mind. But its always possible. It just takes a little bit of compassion, self-love & a willingness to let go & trust the voice.

The natural voice is so beautiful, you just cant deny it when it comes out, its like the whole world stops to listen & time stands still. I am still so humbled and floored every time I hear what I consider the most pure sound in the world – the real voice. Hugs, Laura.