Singing Workshops For Schools, Businesses and Events!

School, business or event singing workshops are great as they can bring in a real sense of togetherness and encouragement between the participants. People often feel really shy to sing in front of their peers and this workshop really helps to break down the walls between them in a relaxed, fun way.


  • Introduction to singing. What is singing? How does it work? Singing naturally.
  • Group discussion on things that block the natural voice from coming through.
  • Breathing, posture and warm-up techniques.
  • Nervousness
  • Learning and performing a simple song
  • Individual support to participants.

OPTION TWO ‘PERFORMERS WORKSHOP’ (2-2hours 30 min hours)

All topics in option one plus…
  • Singing and playing an instrument at the same time and / or
  • Performance techniques (microphones, audience connection)
  • Playing / singing with other people / musicians – what problems can occur
  • Applying learning into song with performance
  • Singing in front of your peers


All topics in option one plus…

  • Information on ‘what is singing in harmony.’ Examples in popular music.
  • Learning how to sing in harmony as a group e.g./ singing a group song that splits into two harmonies/parts.
  • Learning and performing a song in two part harmony
  • Working together as a group

OPTION FOUR ‘All three areas covered’ (3 hours)

All topics in option one and two and three…

Please contact me if you want any more information on this program or if you’d like me to design a workshop catered to your specific needs.

‘Laura’s vocal workshop was a thoroughly rewarding experience for our music and music extension students. The workshop focused on an array of beginner and intermediate vocal techniques, which gave the students the confidence and ability to further their own skills. Laura tailored the workshop to the individual needs of the students and made it both fun and educational. I would recommend Laura both as a vocal teacher and vocal workshop presenter to any primary or high school.’

Geoff Hooton, Music Coordinator, Tullawong State High School