Sunshine Coast Singing Lessons

Singing is such a natural part of life and yet so many people believe they can’t sing. I have met countless people who were told that they can’t sing at a young age by a teacher or parent, or were caught singing somewhere and laughed at by their friends. Little things like this can really halt a person’s ability to sing in front of other people for the rest of their life, and can literally block their ability to sing in general. Many people believe they are tone deaf, but have actually just closed down the singing area in response to an event or negative belief.

Singing is actually a very natural ability. So natural in fact, it requires very little effort for it to sound good. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your voice is and the better it sounds. If you believe you can’t sing, you will not be relaxed and the voice just won’t work in the way it can. Simply shifting your attitude about your singing towards a positive one and letting go of your negative opinions about your voice will increase your ability to sing on the spot. Even if you never come for a lesson, but you stop telling the story that you can’t sing, your voice will start to open up. This is the number one reason people have difficulty singing… because they don’t trust their voice. It really is simple.

That’s the beauty of natural singing; it already knows what to do. Your natural ability is already there and waiting, so there’s no real ‘training’ involved as such, just an allowing of the voice to come back. Sometimes it’s just a bad habit that needs to be undone, other times it can be just getting over singing in front of someone else. It doesn’t take much to unlock the voice.

Everyone can sing! 😉

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Private Singing Lessons

I run private, one-on-one lessons from my studio near Yandina on the Sunshine Coast. The lessons are tailored to your ability and specific needs and are really about helping you ‘find your voice’. For those who already feel confident to sing, I can help you with any problem areas or help you keep your voice safe, even help you undo any damage you may have already. I support you to sing the style / way that YOU want.

I love to help people of all levels, especially those that really want to get over that ‘hump’, where you won’t sing in front of anyone, and you’d at least like to start there. Not all people who come for lessons want to be stars on stage, in fact most just want to be able to sing freely at home or any other place they desire. Some want to pursue singing as their career and others just want to know they can sing. Some people come for a singing lesson to simply help with their speaking voice, or because they have difficulty communicating confidently. If this is you, know that your situation can be remedied.

People are also often drawn to work with me but aren’t sure why. I’m on a mission to let go of old conditioning and be fully myself, so, if that’s something you’re looking for, chances are, it’s time for us to meet! I love sharing and supporting people on their journey, so, I also offer personal sessions. These can go as deep or as light as you want.  I basically reflect back to you whatever it is you need so that YOU can let go of negative beliefs, get un-stuck, deepen your understanding of what’s happening in your life, integrate your higher and lower aspects and basically re-align with your TRUE SELF. When it’s time to let go of your old conditioning, you’ll know it! Part of your process can be about activating your voice, (because it’s fun and super powerful) but isn’t necessarily what you’ll need. Your journey will be unique to you. ❤

If you want to take singing a bit further or need help with other areas, I can also help with:

  • Playing an instrument (piano, guitar, bass) and singing at the same time
  • Playing piano with freedom, fun and ease. Why else would we want to play?!
  • Harmony singing
  • Crossing over the ‘breaks’ in your voice
  • If you think you are tone deaf
  • Microphone techniques
  • Hoarse, croaky, strained, nasal, unnatural speaking voice
  • Public Speaking support
  • Un-doing ‘learnt’ styles of singing
  • Communication/speech difficulties
  • Vocal support and recalibration after a stroke or other debilitating dis-ease.
  • Using toning to help ground you
  • General confidence issues
  • Letting go!
  • Being more yourself 🙂
  • Undoing negative mindsets and patterns
  • Understanding fears
  • Understanding the mind
  • Raising your awareness
  • Finding and sustaining inner peace
  • How to be YOU (and what that really means)
  • How to reconnect with your purpose / truth / desires
  • How to have fun 😀

If you’d like to do the lesson with a friend, that is ok. I’d prefer you were close to that person as singing can be a very personal thing.

CHILDREN/FAMILIES: I love working with whole families (harmonies, group lessons) and love supporting younger people to sing and play musical instruments more freely, however please check if you feel I am the right teacher for your child. I am musically trained and can help with ‘technique’ but do not offer exams. I really love to specialise in helping people undo blocks in their voice / themselves and I am not interested in giving too much information which can end up blocking the pure joy of learning. If you feel I am the right kind of teacher for you or your child/ren, call me and we can have a chat. Music is for fun!

NATURE SESSIONS: Opening up your voice in nature can be a very powerful tool. The earth helps you to ground, allowing for your system to return to its natural state. Singing in nature helps support you to connect with and activate your true voice in a very nurturing and powerful way.  For those that are ready, this session can go quite deep.



AU dollars:

60 mins $80
90 mins $120 (I recommend this for the first session, as lesson one allows you to settle in and connect with the voice.)
120 mins $150

Nature session $140 (up to 100 mins)

Kids / students / pension
50 mins $70
30 mins $40

2 or more people – add $10 per hour per person so 3 people 90 mins $120+$30 = $150 total ($50 each)

I am also open to exchange of services / products for singing sessions. For example if you grow organic veges, or work as a healer, masseuse, or any other service you may want to offer to exchange instead of / in addition to part of the monetary value. I am open to ideas!

I’d really love to help so let me know what you can afford and let’s see what we can come up with.

I don’t request that you pay for a whole term, or block of lessons. Some people come for just a lesson or two, and they achieve what they want!  Others like to come regularly ’till they get the hang of it and are freely singing again! It all depends on what you want. I like to be able to offer as much as I can in one lesson so you don’t need me as much.

Call to Book a Lesson or Find Out More

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Sunshine Coast Singing Lessons