Relax, you’ll know what to do


Thinking about singing lessons can be a confronting experience. As you decide to step into the unknown, the body can start to demonstrate fear. This is totally normal and expected. Don’t push yourself, just wait until you feel ready. When the inspiration strikes, nothing can hold you back! It doesn’t matter if it takes you 5 minutes or 5 years. In the meantime, practise being kind to yourself, and avoid saying things like “I can’t sing” or anything negative about your voice. Say, “I’m on track and when I’m ready, the next step will reveal itself to me. I’ll know what to do and if I need some help, I’ll get a sense of who I want to work with to help me.” In the meantime, all is well, and I need to just relax around the process.” Singing can really bring up so much so give yourself a break! Because it means so much to us, it’s also extra scary! So, allow that you can find your voice and give yourself plenty of time. I look forward to meeting you when you’re ready, and if that’s now, then I excited to walk this incredible journey with you! X