My Album

This is my debut album, “At Home” recorded in 2004.

Laura Mitchell At Home

“At Home”

It has eleven of my original tracks, all recorded at my old place in Mt Glorious. The intention for this album was to create something of quality yet with no frills … just me on a guitar in my own home. You can even hear the birds outside on some of the tracks.

Listen to a selection of song previews from “At Home”

Track 3. Starling (Preview)



Track 4. Going Round In Circles (Preview)



Track 8. Pebble Lane (Preview)



Track 11. To Be Free (Preview)



I offer you a section of a review found in September’s Tsunami Magazine…

“Laying solo vocalise over a bed of acoustic guitar,

At Home conveys the kind of peace you’d find in

a rainforest. Reflecting an inner emotion and

certainty of existence, Laura projects a refreshing

positivity on songs to do with life and love… it is spirited

inspirational and free.”

Courtney Osbourne