Everyone Can Play Piano

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Everyone Can Play Piano….

I am always changing my approach to teaching as I am constantly looking for the most simple way to make singing and music accessible. In regards to piano, I am running lessons based on what you, the student want to learn, and not the traditional approach of learning notes etc (unless that is what you want!). I like to make music fun and accessible rather than teaching things that people don’t want nor need to learn.


You can be creating or replicating music very quickly just by learning chords in the left hand and improvising (making things up in the left), singing to chords or simply playing basic pieces using a combination of watching youtube videos, learning a few notes, playing chords or using your ears to work it out yourself.

Everyone has different ways of learning and I like the process of learning music to be fun. 🙂

Give me a call if piano is something you’d always wanted to learn but never had the chance. It could be easier than you think and Im very happy to have a chat with you about it.

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