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Tips for Undoing ‘Bad Habits’

Sometimes we need to remind our bodies of it’s ability to sing naturally. Often we have set up ‘bad habits’ which inhibit our ability to have sound flowing freely from our instrument (our body). Here are some things I ask people to do to help realign the body’s already existing ability to sing freely… This […]

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Technique or Natural Ability?

Natural Ability! There are techniques to allow your voice to open more, but everything you’ll ever need to allow your singing voice out is already available to you. I never teach ANYTHING that your body doesn’t already want to do instinctively. Why work against nature? You already know how to sing. 🙂

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Everyone Can Play Piano

Everyone Can Play Piano…. I am always changing my approach to teaching as I am constantly looking for the most simple way to make singing and music accessible. In regards to piano, I am running lessons based on what you, the student want to learn, and not the traditional approach of learning notes etc (unless […]

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Everyone Can Sing!

The voice and its functions are very natural to us. One of the very first things we probably ever did upon arrival was take a breath and wail. This very natural and almost automatic function is one we actually never need to consciously create. It happens. We breathe. We make noises with our throat. We […]

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The Energetics of Singing – How Attitude Affects Your Vocal Range

I’ve been giving singing lessons for about 10 years now. What I have discovered is that one of the major things that affect our singing ability is our attitude! Singing is a form of communication. With all types of verbal communication, the listener receives many other messages as well as what is literally being said. […]

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