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Voice work / Sound Sessions

As my understanding of the voice deepens, I am less and less inclined to call my work singing lessons. Often the very word singing provokes fear, nervousness, resistance and a past experience related to singing. So, when the nervous system is activated, when you feel fear, it is much harder to access the natural voice. […]

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the REAL voice

the REAL voice

Singing is, in my opinion, one of the most pure & vulnerable ways to express yourself. Theres no instrument, no costume, no materials, no buffer. Its just you and your voice. Its so pure, its like a window to your soul. And if you really let your true voice out, people can feel you deeply. […]

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Being Kind To Yourself

When we first start to open our voice again, after possibly years of keeping it hidden from others and even from ourselves, the voice can be a little shaky. Your body might freeze up even at the thought of singing in front of someone else. Even singing to yourself can be confronting. Often, when we […]

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Do More of What Makes You Happy

Following your bliss, your passions, those unexplored desires that have always sat in your being, almost waiting for you to pick them up, is so important. YOU are in there. Those areas are YOUR areas… that’s why they mean so much to you. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re not very good at it […]

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Gift Certificates

It’s that time of year where people start asking me about gift certificates. I love creating them for your loved ones, or even for yourself! Singing is such a personal journey however, so just make sure you or the person is ready. I can help you with that too if you’re not sure. I have […]

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Relax, you’ll know what to do

Thinking about singing lessons can be a confronting experience. As you decide to step into the unknown, the body can start to demonstrate fear. This is totally normal and expected. Don’t push yourself, just wait until you feel ready. When the inspiration strikes, nothing can hold you back! It doesn’t matter if it takes you […]

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Be In Harmony With Yourself

 This is a year for being YOU. You know what you love, you probably know you’ve always wanted to sing and you’ve always known you might possibly maybe kind of sort of maybe a little bit good at it. 😉 If singing or anything really, has called you for a long time or even suddenly, […]

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jazzin forest

Jazz in the Forest

We played Jazz in the Forest in Maleny last weekend and it was so relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks to Bunjie and Les for the jam! Click here for our chilled version of Summertime…  

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Voice Expression Workshops

  Every Friday Starting May 8th 2015 Our voice is a gateway to our soul. Through the voice, we can reconnect with ourselves and discover more of Who We Really Are. We can express our true selves and allow for everything that we are to come forth. The voice is an amazing vehicle for change, […]

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The Lost Art of Singing

Once upon a time, we sang. We sang till our hearts content. We sang with each other. We sang the stories of life and death, and war and peace. We sang stories of our daily existence and of our nightly dreams. Once upon a time, we performed under moonlight and sang about the stars. We […]

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