Being Kind To Yourself

When we first start to open our voice again, after possibly years of keeping it hidden from others and even from ourselves, the voice can be a little shaky. Your body might freeze up even at the thought of singing in front of someone else. Even singing to yourself can be confronting. Often, when we hear ourselves, we judge what comes out, which keeps us in a cycle of staying small and believing we can’t sing.

Be kind to yourself. Honour your journey and allow the shakiness to be there. Just notice it and let it be. Notice the voice not doing exactly what you’d like and just be ok with it. The less resistance you have to what comes out, the more space you give your voice to realign. It WILL come back and it WILL do what you want it to do. Just take your time and when you notice yourself condemning your voice, step back and choose a way of talking to yourself that is a little kinder, a little gentler, a little more allowing. Your voice has been hiding for a reason. Don’t be the one who keeps it scared to come out. Be the one who says, “However you come out today is ok, because I know you’re scared, and I’m going to be here for you while we walk through this together.” Treat your voice like a small child, learning to walk. With trust, kindness and faith, your voice will soon show you the most magical gifts it has to offer. Your job is to nurture it and yourself in the meantime. Be kind. And remember, everyone can sing. ❤️