Be In Harmony With Yourself

image This is a year for being YOU. You know what you love, you probably know you’ve always wanted to sing and you’ve always known you might possibly maybe kind of sort of maybe a little bit good at it. 😉

If singing or anything really, has called you for a long time or even suddenly, know that it’s a sign that it’s there for you to do. You’re not inspired to want to do something if the dream isn’t possible to fulfil. It’s yours! It’s all yours!

And the cool thing about it, is that not only can you have your dream, but you can achieve it YOUR WAY. There’s not one way to learn how to sing. There’s not one path towards your destiny. It’s yours. And you can trust your path. You’ll know it by how it feels. It will feel good. You’ll WANT to take the steps towards it. If you don’t want to sing hours of scales or even one, that’s because THAT’S NOT YOUR PATH. You can not only achieve ALL your dreams, but you can choose HOW you get there. Each step will be revealed to you in perfect synchronisation. You’ll just know what feels right.

Trust yourself. You’re powerful. You’re a knowing, intelligent, feeling, intuitive, amazing human being. Just follow your nose and you’ll get there. The BIGGEST thing you could ever do to allow your dreams to happen is, well, TO ALLOW THEM! Allow that they’re there for the taking, for the enjoying. They are there, and calling you, because THEY ARE YOURS. YAY! How exciting! You can do, be and have anything you want. You’ve just got to get out of the way.

So, starting dreaming. It’s waiting for you. ❤️